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Dr. Osborn speaks at Children’s National Medical Center

Dr. Robyn Osborn was recently invited to host two career development seminars at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. She spoke to the current psychology resident/intern class and to the post-doctoral fellows on issues related to medical psychology and professional development. Dr. Osborn enjoys such opportunities to mentor young professionals and looks forward to this annual event! 

How To Spot a Fad Diet

Dr. Scott Kahan was recently interviewed for a report on how to avoid fad diets and gimmicks. “Fad diets prey on people who feel helpless about managing their weight and health, and they ultimately demoralize us from moving forward,” he stated. Read more here.

Treadmill Desks?!

Dr. Scott Kahan was interviewed on Fox 5 News in a story about treadmill desks. “If you can make time in your busy day to go to the gym or go outside to walk or run, that’s fantastic. But for many people’s lives, including mine, there’s not much time in the day to devote to exercise,” he says. “With my treadmill desk, in the middle of my day, for example, I can walk slowly on my treadmill desk while talking on a conference call, for example.” Watch the interview here.



February Workshop: Get Your Back on Track

With our contemporary lifestyles of office work, sitting in traffic, and a proliferation of electronic media, it is no mystery that many people have some degree of chronic low back pain! Fortunately, alleviating low back pain with appropriate movement is also not a mystery!

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Shame Regarding Past Weight Loss Efforts and Its Effect on Efforts to Lose Weight Again

By Robyn Osborn, PhD

The American Lung Association writes the following about smokers: “…each time you try [to quit smoking], you learn a little more about the quitter in you. You become a little wiser about what to do and not do the next time.”  We can learn a lot from this perspective.

As someone who works in a multidisciplinary medical center dedicated to helping people manage weight through working towards wellness, I wish that more people would look at previous weight loss attempts with this same positivity. I wish that any effort at weight management was viewed as a learning experience that would bolster future efforts. Instead, when weight is regained (or never lost at all), these attempts are too often considered “failures.” Read the rest of this entry »

Menopause Madness: Managing Weight through Menopause and Beyond

Whether you’re approaching menopause, having current menopausal symptoms, or it is long past, these normal phases in a woman’s life have profound effects on how you feel day-to-day and on your weight management. Dr. Renu Mansukhani will be holding a special workshop on this hot topic for women in March. Read the rest of this entry »

“Mindfulness in the New Year” – Upcoming Meditation Workshops with Ellen Tynan

It’s a new year and many of us are already overwhelmed with the constant balancing act of work, life, and family.. The busy-ness of our lives can impose serious demands on our emotional and physical well-being. So how do we find time for ourselves that won’t affect our hectic schedules and postpone our everlasting “to do” lists?

Mindfulness and meditation can be used to help all individuals manage stress and their overall wellness. Anyone can benefit from meditation. In this workshop, we help you get started. This is an introductory meditation course for those who would like to learn about the practice of meditation. We will also offer a second and more intermediate course for individuals who are already familiar with meditation.

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Mythbusters: Exercise

What You Won’t Learn at the Gym

By Susan Silver, HFS

There are lots of misconceptions about how much physical activity we are “supposed” to get and what it means if we get less than the news media says we should.

For example, many people think, “If I don’t exercise every day – or most days of the week – there’s no point in doing anything because it won’t be worthwhile.”

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Managing Your Weight and Wellness During the Holidays

See what Dr. Scott Kahan and others have to say in this article on why we should not be so hard on ourselves during the holidays.  Read the rest of this entry »

NEW Wellness Series: Embrace Your Health!

Are supplements useful to promoting my health? Which fortified foods can make a difference? How long does it take to reduce cholesterol with lifestyle interventions? Won’t my taste buds rebel if I lower sodium intake? Do I need to eliminate sugar in order to prevent my risk of developing diabetes?

Our nutrition and fitness experts, Nicole Brown, MS, RD and Kathy Rodgers, MA, RD, CDE, look forward to answering these types of questions and will serve up the latest recommendations on preventing diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and high blood pressure.   Read the rest of this entry »