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NCWW Newsletter

Happy post-Thanksgiving! Here’s some things I’m thankful for right now: The end of election season. I can’t remember a more stressful time, both due to the tensions of this unique election, as well as the ongoing stressors surrounding it. The political polarizations will continue, but moving beyond this election feels like an early holiday gift. […]

NCWW Next Steps

Dear Members of the NCWW Community: With the DC areas slowly extending their phased re-openings, I want to update you on NCWW’s plans.  The last time I wrote regarding COVID-19 was in early March, when we announced that NCWW had shifted all services to virtual care. We did this several weeks prior to DC’s stay-at-home […]

New (Virtual) Groups

Hello everyone, We hope you are all staying safe and doing well!  We continue to receive great feedback regarding the transition to virtual/online groups, and we continue to add additional group options to support you.  You can access our  May calendar here. In addition to our ongoing groups and classes, here’s what’s new starting in […]

New (Virtual) Groups

We hope that you and yours are staying safe and sound. We continue to be mindful about offering opportunities for support and interaction, even beyond our longstanding options. You may already know that our classes, groups, and workshops have transitioned to being held online. These have been very well received, and we have been working […]

NCWW, COVID, you, and me

By Scott Kahan, MD, MPH — I’ve been struggling to articulate all that I’ve been wanting to share with you about the coronavirus outbreak for a few days now. I wanted to strike the right balance between offering guidance, sharing news, and providing you with practical information about our team’s response to COVID-19 and how it […]

Our take on that Biggest Loser study

By Scott Kahan, MD Published in The Huffington Post If you haven’t seen the New York Times article describing a new NIH study on long term outcomes of former Biggest Loser contestants, I strongly recommend reading it here. It showed that most contestants gained back weight and their metabolic rates plummeted. Those who have read […]

Support – What happens when you don’t have it?”

By Kelly Theim Hurst, PhD Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight and keep it off – especially through the holiday season or other ups and downs that life offers – knows that it can be quite a challenge.  What can make this process even more difficult to manage, though, is when you don’t […]

How you talk to yourself (and why it matters)

By Robyn Osborn, PhD If you listen carefully, you will hear all sorts of thoughts running through your head at any given moment. There are the endless to-do lists for the future (pick up the dry cleaning, return that email, schedule eye exam, etc.) that take up space in our heads. There are the thoughts […]

NPR Series on Obesity in America

NCWW patient featured in NPR’s Here and Now for a special on Learning to Live with Obesity.

Scott Kahan discusses personalized nutrition on CBS radio

Dr. Scott Kahan commented on a fascinating new study in the journal Cell, which focused on new research that may push the field forward to better, personalized nutrition recommendation. You can listen below:  

Navigating New Year’s Resolutions Pitfalls

By Robyn Osborn Pashby, PhD December 31st marks that wonderful time of year when millions of people ring in the New Year with confetti and party hats.  Whether you choose to spend the evening out dancing past midnight or you prefer to snuggle into bed by 9pm, the new year isn’t just about celebrating; it […]

Scott Kahan named Chairman

Dr. Scott Kahan was named Chairman of The Obesity Society’s Clinical Committee. The Society’s website describes the role of the committee as follows: “Advises the Society on matters that relate to the clinical care and/or treatment of patients with obesity; serves as a vehicle for member clinicians to express their ideas and concerns to the Council; […]

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

By Kelly Theim Hurst, PhD Sleepless nights can affect every part of our lives. Beyond feeling fatigued, they can cause irritability, stress, increased appetite, and overeating. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can help. As a psychologist, I specialize in behavioral approaches to insomnia and other sleep difficulties. The tricky part is that sometimes – […]


WTOP News published a radio and online piece highlighting Kassie Barnes, a busy professional, great mom, and NCWW patient.  Psychologist and assistant director Robyn Osborn was quoted. While it’s a great article, we take issue with a particular part: A personal trainer was quoted saying, “This is [just] old-fashioned…hard work.”  

Diabetes Myths

By Kathy Rodgers, MA, RDN, LD, CDE As a registered dietitian and diabetes educator for the past 16 years, I have worked with many people at different stages in their relationship with diabetes.   No matter the length of time someone has been trying to manage their blood glucose, I hear two common myths over and […]

The Number on the Scale

By Kelly Theim Hurst, PhD Stepping on the scale can be an emotional experience. At NCWW, we understand that weighing is a personal choice. It’s up to you whether to weigh (or not), how often to weigh, whether to share your weight with us, and so on. In fact, we have a policy at our […]

NCWW Team members advise Mautner M.O.V.E. Project

Nicole Brown, MS, RDN, LD, HFS, and Robyn Osborn, Ph.D. recently completed their work with the Mautner M.O.V.E. (Making Our Vitality Evident!) Project Advisory Board.

Dr. Osborn speaks at Children’s National Medical Center

Dr. Robyn Osborn was recently invited to host two career development seminars at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC.

How To Spot a Fad Diet

Dr. Scott Kahan was recently interviewed for a report on how to avoid fad diets and gimmicks. “Fad diets prey on people who feel helpless about managing their weight and health, and they ultimately demoralize us from moving forward,” he stated.

Treadmill Desks?!

Dr. Scott Kahan was interviewed on Fox 5 News in a story about treadmill desks. “If you can make time in your busy day to go to the gym or go outside to walk or run, that’s fantastic. But for many people’s lives, including mine, there’s not much time in the day to devote to exercise,” he says. “With my treadmill desk, in the middle of my day, for example, I can walk slowly on my treadmill desk while talking on a conference call, for example.” Read more here.

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