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Hello everyone,

We hope you are all staying safe and doing well!  We continue to receive great feedback regarding the transition to virtual/online groups, and we continue to add additional group options to support you.  You can access our  May calendar here.

In addition to our ongoing groups and classes, here’s what’s new starting in May:

1) Two fitness classes led by Allison Rose

  • Feeling Strong…for Every Body (Tuesdays at 7:30 – 8:15 am, beginning May 5th):
    Feeling strong is important for body and mind. This 45-minute, guided, gentle, online exercise class is aimed at 1) helping those who are new to basic strength training, and 2) those who have had a hard time adjusting their exercise plan during COVID and would benefit from a re-introduction to basic strength training exercises at home. This gentle class is designed so that no experience with exercise or strength training is needed to participate. Exercises can be done with bodyweight alone, with light weights (such as a dumbbell or resistance band, if available), or using household items (such as a soup can). Each session will end with a short meditation or moment of reflectionWe hope this class will help you to feel a bit stronger and have a sense of accomplishment to kick off your day.
  • Strong and Fit (Fridays at 4 – 4:45 pm, beginning May 8th):
    This 45-minute class is designed for those who have some strength training experience. Beyond basic exercises, this class is intended to focus on all major muscle groups and work up a sweat!  Basic cardio drills will be included with bodyweight exercises and dumbbells (if available; household items such as a soup can work well, too) or resistance bands. The session will end with a cool down period with relaxing stretches.

2) New Drop-in Group led by Dr. Michelle Toussaint

  •  Living Solo (Saturdays at noon-1pm, beginning this Saturday, May 2nd): Managing our lives during COVID – especially the physical distancing from our friends, supporters, and communities – is difficult for all.  Living alone presents additional and unique challenges. This virtual group gathers those who are single and/or living alone to support each other and work together on identifying, understanding, and managing these challenges, with a focus on understanding our thoughts, feelings, and consequent behaviors, including (but not limited to) weight and health management. 

3) New drop-in Group led by Drs. Bill Picon and Michelle Toussaint

  • Coping with COVID (Tuesdays at 5:30 pm (Bill) and Sundays (Michelle) at 11 am, beginning this Sunday, May 3rd):
    Despite the outpouring of resources aimed to help manage our lives during the pandemic, there are specific challenges for people who are also working hard to maintain a positive approach to weight management. This group aims to gather our community to share together how we are coping – both with the virus and with weight management.

4) Nutrition Class led by Nicole Brown

  • Meals for 1 or 2 (on Saturday, May 16th from 11 am-11:45 am
    Topics include meal planning, how to “cook once and eat twice,” “what can I freeze for the future?” and tasty and healthful meals that serve one or two people. Recipes, meal templates and shopping list templates will be provided.

5) Yoga Classes led by Amie DiTomasso

  • 45- minute Seated Yoga…for Every Body (held Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 1 pm). *One-on-one private sessions are available if interested please contact our front desk team.

We look forward to staying connected with everyone.  If you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot in any of our classes, please contact our front desk team at or 202-223-3077.