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Upcoming Classes

Our weekly classes are listed below. Due to COVID-19, all classes/groups take place via interactive virtual meetings.

Note that classes marked as “Reserved” require prior arrangement with the group leader.  Please also note that classes may be cancelled, on occasion, so please call (202-223-3077) or email us (communications <at> for our most updated Calendar of classes/groups and virtual meeting links.

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Open Classes and Drop-in Support Groups:

“Classes” are didactic sessions aimed at enhancing knowledge and building skills.

“Drop-In Groups” are psychological treatment and support sessions where patients engage in discussions and insight-oriented activities. Patients can attend these without reservation or commitment.


5:30 pm    Thinking Styles & Behavior – Greer A. Raggio, PhD


5:00 pm    Stress and Mindfulness (30 min)- Greer Raggio, PhD/ Michelle Toussaint, PhD

5:30 pm    Coping During COVID – Bill Picon, PhD


6:30 pm    Seated Yoga for Every Body (45 min) – Amie DiTomasso, MPH, MSW


5:00 pm    Stress and Mindfulness (30 min) – Amie DiTomasso, MPH, MS/ Allison Rose, MPH, MS

5:30 pm     Long-Term Maintenance – Bill Picon, PhD 

6:30 pm    Feeling Strong… for Every Body (45-min fitness class) – Allison Rose, MPH, MS


9:00 am      Long-term Weight Management – Bill Picon, PhD/ Greer                                     Raggio, PhD

10:00 am    Treatment Issues in Weight Management – Bill Picon, PhD

10:00 am    Bariatric Surgery Support Group – Greer Raggio, PhD

11:00 am    Treatment Issues in Weight Management – Bill Picon, PhD

11:00 am   Nutrition Class (Sat 7/25) – Kathy Rodgers, MA, RDN, CDE

12:00 pm    Living Solo – Michelle Toussaint, PhD 

1:00 pm      Seated Yoga for Every Body – Amie DiTomasso, MPH, MSW

*Reserved Treatment Groups:

“Reserved” Groups are private, ongoing sessions. Contact us for more information if you are interested in these.


7:30 am     Treatment of Emotional Eating – Bill Picon, PhD  [Reserved]

12:00 pm   Men’s Group – Bill Picon, PhD  [Reserved]