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Curvy Yoga Guru, Dena Kahn, featured on WTOP

Dena Kahn, one of NCWW’s yoga and movement specialists, was featured in a WTOP feature: Overweight, Chronically Ill Find Yoga Without Judgment. Dena teaches Yoga…for Real People at NCWW and specializes in curvy yoga, which is a healthy and gentle form of movement.

Dr. Tricia Psota on Channel 11

Dr. Tricia Psota was asked to provide tips for on nutrition and staying hydrated on the Dr. Steve Show on WPIX11 in New York. You can see the interview here.

Dr. Kahan to Assume Role of Obesity Alliance Director

Obesity expert and George Washington University faculty member Scott Kahan, MD, MPH has been named Director of the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance, a national multi-stakeholder coalition based at the GW School of Public Health.

Dr. Scott Kahan Quoted in Associated Press Article

“Doctors tend to shoo away people who have obesity,” says Dr. Scott Kahan, who was quoted in an Associated Press article published on The Huffington Post.

Dr. Scott Kahan to Speak at Congressional Briefing

Dr. Scott Kahan has been invited to speak at a Congressional Briefing. The Briefing, sponsored by the nonprofit Partnership To Fight Chronic Disease and Wellpoint, one of the largest insurers in the U.S., focuses on collaborative efforts to address childhood obesity.

Dr. Marilyn Sperling

The unexpected loss of Dr. Marilyn Sperling on May 16 has left all of us grieving the absence of a dear friend, trusted colleague and compassionate doctor.

Dr. Robyn Osborn Presents at ICED

Dr. Robyn Osborn was invited to present her research findings at the International Conference on Eating Disorders in Austin, Texas. Her research which investigates weight gain and disordered eating among minority populations.

Not Even Angelina Jolie Looks Like Angelina Jolie

I often talk with patients about the distorted images about our bodies that industry and the media widely propagate. It’s hard to live in our society and yet avoid thinking that we all need to look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in order to be attractive.

Dr. Kahan Speaks at Congressional Briefing

Dr. Scott Kahan will speak at the Rayburn House Office Building at a Congressional Briefing on February 7th. The event, hosted by the nonprofit Sister-to-Sister Women’s Heart Health Foundation, is a briefing for Congressional staff on heart health, nutrition, and obesity.

Don’t Shame Big Kids

Georgia’s recent campaign highlighting childhood obesity, which has received lots of recent press, is an example of what not to do to help this public health problem. This is an example of an uninformed, anti-fat-person campaign.

Good News About Obesity

The CDC’s recent report of the top 10 Public Health Achievements of the past decade overlooked one of the most important: progress in the fight against obesity.

I bet you’re surprised to read this…

Healthy People 2010 Review

HHS officials just released their end-of-decade assessment of progress made toward the Health People 2010 goals. This public health program aims to identify the nation’s health improvement priorities, and provide…

Kids are “Sitting Ducks” for Marketers

Later today, researchers from Yale University will present an important new study at this year’s American Public Health Association conference. Their research study shows that food companies continue to aggressively market sugary drinks and other junk foods to young children, despite prior pledges to improve child-directed advertising. Nearly 600 products from 14 beverage companies were […]

Measuring Kids BMIs Is Good Practice

My initial reaction to last week’s announcement of a new Michigan policy to track kids’ weight was emotional and negative. Indeed, so many recently publicized policies and prescriptions…

Training Young Docs – We Need Healers

A patient of mine recently alerted me to this exciting NY Times article that describes the admission process of Virginia Tech‘s medical school. Rather than the traditional interview questions about test scores and grades, this process is more like “speed dating,” in which candidates are randomly exposed to 8 standardized patients (actors) who each present […]

Obesity is a Disease. Really.

Originally published in The Huffington Post. By now, virtually everyone reading this is familiar with the alarming stats on obesity rates and the health outcomes associated with excess weight. And by now, we’ve all had a chance to develop our own opinions about what obesity is and why most of us are getting fat.  Here’s […]

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