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Dr. Robyn Osborn was invited to present her research findings at the International Conference on Eating Disorders in Austin, Texas.  Her research which investigates weight gain and disordered eating among minority populations.  She will present a summary of her research on Thursday, May 3.

Title: An Academic-Community  Partnership to Reduce Disordered Eating and Excessive Weight Gain in Racial/Ethnic Minorities:  Preventing
Weight Gain and Enhancing Relationships in Underserved Populations (POWER-UP)

Authors: Robyn Osborn,Ph.D., Omni Cassidy, BA, Anna Vannucci, MS, Lauren Shomaker,Ph.D., Juliette McClendon-Iacovino, MS, Denise Wilfley,Ph.D. James Heimdal,Ph.D., Beatrice Nelson,RN, Tracy Sbrocco, Ph.D. & Marian Tanofsky-Kraff, Ph.D.