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Were you on the road to feeling great and then life got in the way? Suddenly you find yourself in a tough place, and you feel ashamed to reach out for help?

At some point, most people find that somewhere along the road to feeling great, things mysteriously or not so mysteriously fell apart. Finding the strength to recognize that can be as difficult as finding the hope to reach out for help. Working at weight management and wellness is a process that includes recognizing how difficult this journey can be. Our new group will address this common, real-life challenge! Come join us to explore this important and sensitive topic with Dr. Maria Foley, and figure out how to move forward again.

Who should attend

  • New or current patients
  • Anyone who has experienced the recurrence of old behaviors and wants to know how to manage it in the future

This session is led by:

Maria Foley, P.h.D.


  • Thursday evenings at 6:30pm – 7:30pm

How to register