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Michelle Toussaint, PhD


Dr. Michelle Toussaint is a clinical health psychologist with a diverse background in mental health, nutrition, and physical activity. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from Yeshiva University/Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology in New York.  She has received Master’s degrees in both Nutrition Science and Mental Health Counseling. 

Michelle strongly believes in and practices a person-centered clinical approach and incorporates elements and techniques from various schools of psychology, including psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapy. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings throughout the United States and has extensive experience across a number of psychological, behavioral, and mind/body-related conditions, including obesity, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, chronic pain, ADHD, and others. In addition to her clinical experience, Michelle’s research background includes studies aimed at improving co-existing medical and mental health disorders and the effects of yoga and meditation on stress and cardiovascular disease. She has also developed and implemented a diabetes prevention program for underserved cancer survivors and interventions aimed at improving fitness and function in individuals with severe osteoarthritis.

In addition to her clinical and research experiences, Michelle has taught psychology courses at several universities and is a sought-after mentor for students beginning their careers in psychology, including through organizations such as the Association for Psychological Science and the New York Academy of Medicine.