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Information for NCWW community will be posted here and updated regularly.

Please read the letter from Dr. Kahan about NCWW’s response to COVID and next steps for patients.

Some additional notes from Dr. Kahan:

I have consulted with several specialists whose expertise and wisdom I deeply value. The take-home: compared with many other infectious diseases, COVID isn’t especially dangerous in a clinical sense; few people will develop severe illness, we’ll then develop immunity to it, and supportive measures, such as intensive care monitoring and respiratory assistance, will allow for recovery in most cases. It is, however, extremely infectious, risking mounting cases that could overwhelm the healthcare system, which may limit the provision of supportive care and put affected persons at greater risk. This why limiting spread is so important.

You’ve no doubt received guidance and shows of support from your workplace, school, clubs, places of worship, and so forth. Remember: just as these groups are a part of your life, you are an important piece of those communities. Our responsibilities to stay healthy and follow sensible precautions extend beyond ourselves. I encourage you to exercise calm and caution, and to observe good health practices – for your own benefit, and also for the welfare of others.  By doing what each of us can to limit spread, keep healthy, and support those around us, we are each contributing to what will hopefully be a relatively quick return to normal life – and maybe, paradoxically, brings us closer as a result.

Some worthwhile resources:

Whereas we want to avoid large gatherings, and for many you’ll be working from home, a common question that comes up is whether walking outside is ok? Yes. Just be thoughtful about it. Here’s a good read from NY times on the question of walking in the time of COVID.

The CDC’s information and resources are excellent.

I really like this information on how to talk to your kids (and others) about COVID. The principles are well worth utilizing for challenging situations in the future, as well.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a nice overview of advice for parents.

Please check back here periodically, as we’ll regularly update this page with useful information.