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Support for Patients Who Undergo Bariatric Surgery

While bariatric surgery can be exceptionally helpful for many people, pre- and post-surgical support are often limited or nonexistent. NCWW has long provided support for people who undergo bariatric surgery (and related endoscopic procedures), and we are now adding several dedicated services focusing on the unique needs of those who are planning for or who have already undergone bariatric surgery. 

Behavioral psychology services include:  

  • Behavioral psychology evaluation (in preparation for bariatric surgery) – this evaluation is usually required by insurance prior to surgery. The focus of this evaluation is to identify  behavioral and emotional challenges that may arise after surgery, and to create a plan to to help you anticipate these challenges and address them. 
  • Behavioral psychology counseling sessions – following the evaluation session, above, these sessions may be helpful prior to surgery (for example, to further prepare for the lifestyle changes that are needed after surgery) and/or after surgery (for support and continued management of the challenges that occur over the long-term).
  • Bariatric surgery support and skill-building group – held every other Saturday, beginning January 12, 2019 (10-11am), this group is for those who are thinking about, planning for, or have already had bariatric surgery. Led by Drs. Greer Raggio and Allison Grupski, the group will also include additional guest experts over time. 

Behavioral services are primarily provided by Greer Raggio, PhD and Allison Grupski, PhD, who have unique expertise in the psychological aspects of weight loss and bariatric surgery. 

Additional bariatric surgery services include: 

  • Nutritional counseling – focused on practical, evidence-based strategies for nutrition goals specific to the different types of bariatric surgery, our dietitians work with you to maximize the benefits of surgical treatment and minimize the risk for post-surgical nutrition deficiencies. 
  • Obesity medicine treatment – numerous medical treatments may be indicated prior to or following bariatric surgery, including options for those who have had an inadequate response to surgery or who are experiencing weight regain.  

For more information on the support group and other bariatric services, please contact Dr. Raggio ( or call 202-223-3077.